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Relying on the financial professional advantages, SPD Bank practices corporate social responsibility, taking corporate social responsibility as an integral part of its corporate culture, brand equity and core competitive advantages, forms its responsibility competitiveness with SPDB's characteristics, actively practices its triple responsibilities for economy, society and environment, and devotes itself to building a respected listed bank. SPD Bank has taken the lead in publishing the Corporate Social Responsibility Report in China's banking industry since 2006 and has published it for 13 consecutive years up to 2018.

- Charitable Donation System
Diversified donation channels: Donation divisions are established in branches, and SPD Bank took the lead in launching donation function through mobile banking and Gold Bean Public Welfare Platform, etc.
Innovative charitable donation management: Sunshine charity trust program, establishment of the first charity trust programs in Shanghai -- “Open Eyes to the World” Public Welfare Trust.
Launched and aided “chasing firefly – a hundred people plan for medical personnel of Department of Pediatrics at western region” financially since 2016
Children welfare insurance project for underprivileged children in Yunan region in 2017-2018.
- Low-Carbon Bank
Issuance of China’s first green financial bond with a cumulative contributions of 60.5 billion Yuan to green industry as of the end of 2017.
The first CDM financial advisor project and the issuance of Carbon Finance Service Manual in 2017.
The first Chinese bank partner of ADB to cooperate on the first domestic green syndicated loan project with it.
- SPD Bank Volunteers' Day
In January 2008, SPD Bank launched the project of Volunteers’ Day across the bank as the first one in China's banking industry, and the event has been held for 11 consecutive years, with a cumulative number of 80,000 employees as participants.
Volunteers of 2018 donated Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica Litv. to Winter Olympics Carbon Sink Forest project.
Volunteer activities were widely carried out in finance education, environmental protection actions, poverty alleviation and assistance for the disabled.