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SPDB Services for CIIE
SPD Bank attaches great importance to China International Import Expo. It has set up a special working group at Headquarter, branch and Sub-branch for supporting the CIIE. It actively carries out cooperation with the one-stop trading service platform of CIIE and is committed to providing comprehensive and targeted financial services to CIIE, exhibitors and both supply and demand parties.

In May,SPD Bank became the first batch bank partner of China (Shanghai) international Trade Single Window. By taking SPDB's system, It did not need to jump to online banking. SPD BANK provide " non - inductive" financial services to the importers participating in Import Expo, such as online cross-border payment, foreign currency exchange and declaration of balance of payments. Enterprises do not need to go to the bank counter or submit any paper document. It is greatly saving the time and labor costs for enterprises.

In June, SPD Bank joined the CIIE research team of the Banking Association to work together with other players to make suggestions on how to serve the Expo well. Under the leadership of the Banking Association, the bank and other players jointly produced a financial service sheet for the Expo.
In July, SPD Bank submitted its foreign exchange service plan for the Expo, covering various measures such as foreign exchange administration to promote business facilitation.

In early August, under the guidance of the People's Bank of China, SPD BANK,together with Bank of China, Exim Bank and HSBC, formed the Shanghai Banking Industry Program of RMB Cross Border Trade Finance for 2018 China International Import Expo.
At the end of August, SPD Bank participated in the pre-exhibition supply and demand meeting of exhibitors and merchants in the Expo service trade exhibition area, introduced the bank's financial services for Import Expo, and held interactive discussions on cross-border policies, trade financing products, free trade financial services and other cooperation topics.

In addition, SPD BANK issued the Financial Services Programme for CIIE, providing multi-level and wide-ranging financial services for domestic importers and overseas exhibitors.